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You get all the items you need for a manicure in this set that is backed by a guarantee of good hygiene.

The cream in the manicure glove keeps your skin moisturized and healthy with natural ingredients. Minerals in the product are not only strengthen the nail, but it also restores its natural color.
This set is ideal for professionals, who will see results with their first use. It is formulated with herbal extracts that care for hands and nails.
Cream in the manicure glove is a skin cream made with natural ingredients and provides moisturizing benefits to the skin. The active ingredients in the product will restore your nails and make them more durable.

-Botamix - Anti-Aging
-Panax Ginseng - Helps to keep the skin alive
-Keratin - Helps strengthen the nail structure.
-Vitis Vinifera - Grape leaf extract
-Tocopherol - Vitamin E

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